Typical Worship Service


Worship Service is on Sunday at 10 A.M.  Please join us for fellowship and worship.   Our service begins promptly at 10:00 A.M. and usually is 1-hour long.  A typical worship service includes the following:

  • Music and a call to worship.

  • Lighting of the chalice - symbol of Unitarian Universalism with spoken words of reflection by Interim Minister Reverend Renjilian.

  • A Story for All Ages, setting a theme understood at different levels by children and adults.

  • Sunday school children and teachers leave for their classes.

  • A spoken prayer followed by 5 minutes of silent meditation, during which the congregation is invited to light a candle to honor an event in their lives or to reflect on something that is troubling.

  • Reverend Bob Renjilian’s or a guest speaker’s sermon, touching on universal themes of life and truth and their meaning in today's world.

  • Stories and scripture from a variety of world religions and traditional hymns, intertwined throughout the service and tying to the sermon’s theme.

We close our services with music, a parting blessing and the extinguishing of the chalice flame.


Channing Memorial Church

3220 Corporate Court, Suite C, Ellicott City, MD  21042

(410) 203-0474

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Everyone is welcome at Channing Memorial Church.